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Just one more

I think this exhibition is incredible – check it out.  http://a-place-called-space.blogspot.com/2011/08/arrrgh-monsters-in-fashion.html


I thought these were awesome.



cool stuff

Shintaro Miyake – artist that creates characters and then paints in them :



Cool tutorial on fusing fabric:


Joy outfits!!


The funny thing is, all day people kept telling me that my outfit “made them happy.”  We even had executives from Target visit my sportswear class and they said the same thing.  I just kept telling people – “Well that was the plan.” !! 🙂  Thanks to the class for participating in that experiment.


Embroidery Stich Dictionary

Embroidery Stich Dictionary

For those of you interested in embroidery – this website shows different types of embroidery stitches and also shows (with pictures and descriptions!) how to make each stitch.

Block Piecing with Interfacing/Muslin

A tutorial that helps with piecing together oddly shaped pieces of fabric for quilting.


Pintoid camera

Altoid boxImage made into a pinhole camera—was reminded of Katie’s interest in photography:



Mark Newport hand knits super hero costumes.  http://www.marknewportartist.com/work/costumes/